Step 4

Service: Phase 4 - Caring for your new home

After collecting your keys, the Service Department will be your point of contact for any questions regarding your new home. Because of our commitment to the highest standards of construction and quality, we’re confident you will continue to enjoy your new home well into the future. But to help keep your home looking beautiful, you will receive a Home Care and Service Guide booklet which provides practical tips on how to care for the different aspects of your new home. With a little effort your home will remain fresh and retain its new lustre. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for our 12 Months Service Form?

All new homes have a settling-in period where external factors (like fluctuations in temperature) may cause changes with elements in your home. Don’t worry – this is quite normal! To assist in attending to these items, Celebration Homes provides a complimentary twelve-month service period after key handover.

In the back of your Home Care and Service Guide we have provided you with a twelve Month Service Form to list any issues you may experience during your settling-in period. Please remember to complete this form and send it back to us within twelve months of your key handover.

The following items are just some of the things we cover as part of this service commitment to you:

Workmanship and Materials
Celebration Homes is committed to the highest quality of workmanship. You can be assured that we will address any workmanship issues in your home, in line with regulatory standards.

Doors and Windows
Doors and windows can take some time to settle. If required, we will help you ease and adjust doors, window sashes and catches to ensure they are operating smoothly.

Cornice Cracking
During your settling in period, minor cracking between cornices and walls may occur. If you experience cornice cracking, please ensure you mark their exact location on your Twelve Month Service form.

Celebration Homes’ post construction service and warranty program is very comprehensive; however some items unrelated to the building process are outside the scope of our twelve-month service period. These issues relate to general care and maintenance that will ensure your home maintains its fresh new appearance well into the future. You can find a list and explanations of these items in your Home Care and Service Guide. 

Who is my point of contact after Key Handover?

Celebration Homes’ Service Department is now your primary point of contact once you have picked up your keys.  If you have a question relating to the completion of your home, please don’t hesitate to contact our team anytime:

Monday to Friday, 7.30am – 4.30pm. Phone 9202 2300 or email

Can my Caesarstone® benchtop withstand heat?

Caesarstone® is heat resistant and is not affected by temperatures lower than 100°C (212°F). However, like all stone material, Caesarstone® can be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes. Therefore, we always recommend that hot pots and pans never be placed directly on the surface but onto a heat trivet or wooden chopping board especially when using cooking units such as electric frying pans, crock pots, or roaster ovens.