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Drafting & Approvals

Pre-Construction: Step 1 - Drafting & Approvals

Once you have made the exciting decision to build your new Celebration home, you enter into the first stage of Pre-Construction, the Drafting and Approvals stage. This is when you will start to picture the design of your ideal home a little better but this stage also involves some waiting. So try your best to be patient - it will still be a little while before you start to see anything tangible. This part of the process is also when we start to rely on external parties to help us with things like site surveys or assessing documentation for approval. 

Site Surveys
At Celebration Homes we do our best to nurture strong relationships with all these partners in order to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. On a titled piece of land, the drafting and approvals stage begins with the ordering of Site Surveys which provides us with information on land levels, land contours, trees/vegetation, water/power service, and footpath locations for accurate drafting of plans. We also order an Engineers Detail where soil testing is conducted on your block of land to provide necessary engineering requirements to help establish things like the footing detail required for your home’s slab.

Drafting of plans
On receipt of the Site Survey and Engineer’s Site Report we begin the drafting of working drawings for your home. Working drawings consist of the necessary details and information required to construct your new home. A set of working drawings include: the floor plan, elevation, electrical plan, internal room layouts and site plan. 

We will also apply for relevant structural certifications and energy assessments for the home as required by local government. Our Estimating Department is now also working on determining the costs for any earthworks and site works that may be required in response to information gathered from the Site Survey and Engineer’s Site Report.

Once we have finalised all this information we apply to the relevant local council for a Building Permit that provides permission to begin construction of a new home based on compliance with relevant guidelines.

Preparing for your Prestart meeting 
Towards the end of this process, we compile your individual Housing Industry of Australia Building Contract which will then be sent to you electronically. We ask that you thoroughly read, review, sign and return to our office. This allows us to move your new home through the Pre-Construction stage. 

Whilst all this is happening, you need to be making sure you get properly prepared for your Prestart meeting. This involves coming down to our offices and completing your Product Selection Pack in our Selection Room. Our Selection Room showcases all the products, fixtures and fittings you get to choose from for your new Celebration Home. We also have great resources in our display homes that you can use for inspiration including colour combinations and selections from all of our display homes. This room is open Monday to Thursday from 8am to 4.30pm, fortnightly Wednesday nights until 7.30pm and Fridays from 8am - 4.30pm.

It is also important that prior to making product and colour selections, you have read and understood the developer guidelines specific to your land estate. These guidelines will provide the product and colour guidelines required for the relevant land estate you have purchased in. For example, some land estates will have specific requirements for roof colours that can be selected to ensure they coordinate with the overall estate vision.
Click here to view our Prestart Checklist to ensure you are adequately prepared for your Prestart. 

Note: If your land is untitled, Celebration Homes needs to wait for the land titles to be issued from the land developer. If you have purchased an untitled lot of land we are unable to begin certain phases of the Pre-Construction process (e.g. ordering of Site Surveys and the Engineer’s Site Report) as without titles we are not permitted on the land. We will continue to complete as much as we can in the Pre-Construction process to ensure we can commence construction on your home as soon as possible from the issue of titles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I nominate my own trade to do work on my home?

Celebration Homes only permits supply trades such as Bricklayers, Roof Carpenters, Tilers, Painters, Plasterers and Pavers to be nominated to perform works on your home. To ensure quality control of the overall finished product on your home we will request a full reference check of previous works prior to approval. It is essential this is advised upfront at the Preliminary Works Contract stage.

Celebration Homes does not permit any other works to be completed during construction in order for us to ensure we deliver your home within our construction timeframe of 24 weeks from slab down* as well as ensuring quality of works, insurance, warranty and repair work that may be associated with it.

Why is developer approval necessary?

New land estates are planned by developers in line with an overall vision that sets the design guidelines for things like appearance, colour and style of buildings. Most new homes built in new land estates must have their elevation colour and product selections approved by the relevant developer to ensure they support the overall estate vision.

This ensures that new homes complement the area's character and tone and form a distinctive and harmonious urban environment into the future.

What needs to happen before my home can commence construction?

To commence construction on your new Celebration home we will need to have completed the Pre-Construction process which involves all the tasks that need to be completed before your home can commence the construction stage onsite. 

You can view our Construction Timeline here.