Basic questions are the most important ones, because they’re crucial to understanding the building process.
We’ve brought together the questions - and the answers - that people ask us for all the time.


Home Purchase

What is a Turnkey Package?

A complete home and land package option that is designed and built ready to move into.

This would include building a Celebration home that includes floor coverings, window treatments, internal painting, alarm, landscaping, letter box and clothes line.

Please speak to your Building Consultant for more information, email or phone us on 9202 2300 to create a turnkey package.

How long will it take to build with Celebration Homes?

The average time from slab down to key handover is 24 weeks.

What is a boundary wall and why do I need it?

New homes on smaller blocks are often built close to a lot boundary in order to make effective use of space. When building up to the adjoining neighbours property, a boundary wall is needed. This is a wall to the garage which is built one brick course higher than the external walls and is within one metre of the adjoining lot.

The boundary wall and garage roof contain a fire flashing component in the detail which eliminates the chance of fire spreading from or to the adjoining neighbour.

All Celebration Homes come standard with a boundary wall and is included in the price of the home.

What are DAP's and Design Guidelines?

Detailed Area Plans (DAP’s) are planning tools used by land developers to provide better design control measures than those under Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) for matters relating to design and the overall look of the built area. DAPs will often vary, reflecting the differences in areas and scenarios that may arise such as streetscape, garage location, solar orientation, passive surveillance, noise, access to primary roads, landscape, the pedestrian network, building height and topography. DAPs also help ensure there is consistency in what is permitted across different lots in an estate. DAPs are normally prepared as a condition of subdivision by a land developer who must ensure that purchasers are given a copy of the approved DAP prior to sale..

Design guidelines generally cover items that aren't addressed in the R-Codes, or other planning policies. For example, a developer may want all dwellings in a new estate to painted from a certain colour palette, or for all dwellings to have an entry feature such as a portico or verandah. Design guidelines tend to affect the overall appearance, or ‘feel’, of an area, and are generally used to make sure that all homes meet certain minimum design standards.

Will my home be energy compliant and what does this mean?

All of our homes are assessed for Energy Compliance to comply with the BCA requirements.  This is at no additional cost to our clients.

What is and isn't included in my Celebration home?

Part of the More to Celebrate philosophy is providing a higher standard of specification to begin with. That way you don’t end up with a large tally of extras and options on your final bill.

We also don’t fill our display homes with features that are above the standard price. In other words, what you see is what you get.

For the easiest way to understand how much more is included in a Celebration display home, view our ‘included’ and ‘not included’ lists on this page (Please note how much longer one is than the other).

View our home inclusions

What is a home and land package?

At Celebration Homes, we like to make things easy for our customers so we help you find the perfect block, pair it with a winning design suitable to your area and package it up as one final cost.  This has the benefit of requiring one loan instead of multiple and will ensure you save unnecessary fees/charges. 

Does Celebration Homes do demolition builds?

There are many aspects to a demolition, please speak with a Building Consultant to discuss this in more detail.

What is the difference between a titled and untitled lot of land?

Due to the high demand for land for new homes, many developers are in a position whereby they are unable to develop the land quickly enough to meet consumer demand. Subsequently many lots sold are on a ‘presale’ basis, meaning the developer or owner of the land is selling lots prior to them being fully developed.

An untitled lot may still require the provision of services such as roads, curbing, footpaths, water and power before a building licence can be submitted and Celebration Homes or any other home builder can commence construction of the home.

A lot which is titled will enable the purchaser to take ownership of the land sooner and the building process will not be delayed by any restrictions by the land development. A titled lot allows Celebration Homes to access the site and undertake all works necessary for the application of a building licence enabling a quicker building timeframe.

How do I choose the right block of land?

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a block of land aside from simply its location.  Important things to consider are the solar orientation, whether the block is flat or sloping, street appeal, distance to amenities and the frontage.  This is something your Building Consultant can assist you with to ensure you get the perfect block for your design.

Can I supply and install my own products to my home?

To ensure that Celebration Homes can deliver a high standard of quality and build your home without impacting on construction timeframes, we do not allow clients to supply and install their own products into our homes during the construction stage. Of course, clients may install their own products after Key Handover to finish off their new home.


What are the monthly repayments on a new home?

There are many differences between a construction loan and a standard loan and one of the most obvious is that your lender will make progress payments to your builder as your house is being built. These are payments made at key stages of the building journey and for Celebration Homes are when the slab has been laid, when brickwork is complete, when Roof Cover is complete, your home reaches Lock Up, and Practical Completion before you receive your keys.

The payments you will need to make at each stage (and are generally interest only until the home is complete) gradually increase until your home is finished, when you start paying your full monthly repayments.

The amount of your monthly repayments will vary depending on the following;

  • How much you borrow
  • What the interest rate of your home loan is. If you opt for a variable rate loan, your home loan rate will go up and down depending on the Australian interest rate. With a fixed rate, your home loan rate is set at that rate for a certain period of time, and won’t change. Your Resolve home loan specialist can discuss the pros and cons of each loan, based on your individual situation.
  • The length or ‘term’ of your home i.e. is it 30 years
  • Your repayment frequency i.e. fortnightly or monthly
  • Whether you’re making principal and interest or interest only repayments. 
How much can I borrow?

It’s important to consider not just how much you can borrow, but how much you can comfortably repay each fortnight or month on your home loan. This includes not only looking at your income and all your expenses, but also factoring in potential interest rate rises and whether you can still comfortably make your mortgage repayments in that instance.

Borrowing capacity is usually calculated by reviewing your income and expenses as well as any other debt that you may have, such as car repayments or credit cards.

Lenders need to be confident you can make  your regular home loan repayments, and if you have a lot of other debt they might think twice about giving you home loan approval. So every debt you have reduces your total borrowing capacity. And it’s important to note that with a credit card, it’s your limit that’s counted towards your debt, not your current balance. E.g. If you have a $15,000 limit on your credit card, the bank will reduce your total borrowing capacity, even if you haven’t got any money owing on the card.

Our in-house team at Resolve Finance are able to help you determine how much you can borrow and what home loan options you may qualify for to build a new home.

Click here to found out how much you can borrow. 

Who is Resolve Finance and what is their relationship to Celebration Homes?

Resolve Finance are an award-winning mortgage broking firm, operating in Western Australia and Victoria. Established in Perth in 1997, they have become one of Australia’s undisputed leaders in the home finance field with 1 in every 20 of all construction loans in WA financed by them. As Celebration Homes’ key finance partner, and part of the ABN Group, Resolve operate within the same building as Celebration Homes and work hand in hand to help customers achieve their home ownership.

And the best part is that Resolve doesn’t just do construction loans – they can be your mortgage broker for life and assist with:

  • Financial Planning
  • Home & Contents Insurance
  • Refinance & home loan reviews
  • Will preparation
  • Income protection
  • Debt consolidation
  • Car finance and more

Cick here to read more about the benefits of using Resolve Finance

Do I need a conveyancer/settlement agent and where do I find one?

A conveyancer or settlement agency prepares all the necessary paperwork and legals, when you buy and/or sell a home. This includes changing the name on the title deeds of the properties involved, organising the adjustment of shire and water rates on your behalf, and liaising with all the relevant parties involved in the home purchase settlement process.

Celebration Homes is partnered with Axiom Conveyancing who can assist you with your settlement. As part of the ABN Group Axiom Conveyancing will help make sure your land settlement goes smoothly and there are no unnecessary holdups. They are specialists in construction settlements and know what is needed by who and when to keep things moving for you. As a Celebration Homes client you will also be eligible for a 20% discount.

As a fully incorporated law firm, they’ll also be able to provide an extra layer of comfort that standard settlement agents can’t. So you get the added security that an in-house legal practitioner provides if any issues arise. Plus they also do estate planning, wills, power of attorneys and more. Find out more on their website.

What do I need to do to organise a stage payment to Celebration Homes?

As the homeowner, only you can authorise stage payments with your lending institution to Celebration Homes. Depending on who your lender is the process for this can differ. You will need to contact your bank or broker to clarify how this process can be completed for your home. 

What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance and why do I need it?

If you want to borrow more than 80% of the property’s value, you will need to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). Mortgage insurance is a one-off payment, usually made when you settle on the property. The amount you pay depends on the loan amount, the value of your property and how much of the purchase price you want to borrow (e.g. 95%). It protects the lender in the event that you can’t meet your repayments and the home is sold with the debt outstanding.

Resolve Finance also has access to a unique loan, called Parent Assist, that can help you save thousands in mortgage insurance. It works like this, your parents loan you up to 20% of the property’s purchase price. Bluebay Home Loans provides the rest. You repay them with interest like any other official loan but at half the rate of your home loan. When the house is sold, you repay your parents (or you can repay them sooner if you choose to make extra repayments). Click here for more information on Parent Assist. 

For full information on this product please view the Parent Assist Information Statement at which details the full terms and conditions of the loan. Bluebay Home Loans Australian Credit License No. 389250

What is required at the final payment or Practical Completion stage in order to collect my keys?

Your bank will require to have a valuation completed at the Practical Completion stage prior to releasing your final payment to Celebration Homes. These valuations are normally completed by a third party and the bank will require the full 10 working days to process this final payment. Please ensure you authorise your final payment and send this along with a copy of your Certificate of Currency (building insurance) to your bank promptly to avoid any delays with your key handover. 

Do I pay stamp duty on a new home?

Stamp duty is a tax you pay to the State Government when you buy a property. 

If you’re buying your first home, up to $430,000 for house and land or up to $300,000 for vacant land (as at 3 July 2014), you don’t have to pay any stamp duty as it is waived by the WA State Government.

What is construction finance?

Construction loans are quite different from regular home loans. Unless you’re aware of all the differences, and confident in their application, you should really get advice from someone who is. With construction loans, the most obvious distinctions are the payment for the land and the progress payments to the builder. Clearly they’re not considerations with a regular home loan. But they’re just the start of the differences. And it’s quite niche as in Australia, only 8% of loans are for construction. That’s one of the reasons why Celebration Homes has partnered with construction finance specialists Resolve Finance where 80% of their business is in construction loans.

When will I be required to make payments (including Prestart variations) on my home?

Your Celebration Homes HIA Building Contract includes five progress payments that will be requested during the course of construction and you will be required to authorise the release of these payments from your bank/lender to Celebration Homes.  These stages are:

  1. Slab - Your slab has been laid
  2. Plate High - Brickwork is complete
  3. Roof Cover - Roof Cover is complete
  4. Lock up - Your home reaches Lock Up
  5. Practical Completion - before you receive your keys

Progress Payments are due 10 working days from the date the stage is reached as per your invoice or the date of the invoice, whichever is later.

Variations (including Prestart variations) are not included in your HIA Building Contract and are required to be paid at the following stages:

  • Under $10,000 in total - 100% at Practical Completion stage
  • $10,000 and above - 50% at Plate High stage and 50% at Lockup stage

Important Note - Some lenders will require you to make payment of variations prior to releasing any progress payments to Celebration Homes regardless of our payment terms. It is important that you are aware of your lenders requirements.  Please contact your bank or broker directly to obtain information on your individual circumstances.

Am I eligible for the First Home Owner Grant and how do I claim it?

The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) is a one off $10,000 payment from the State government that can be used to assist first homebuyers build their first home.

To qualify you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be aged 18 years or older
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Never have received a FHOG under this scheme before
  • Never have owned a residential property anywhere in Australia
  • Occupy the home as your primary place of residence for a continuous period of 6 months within 1 year of completion of the FHOG transaction.

First homebuyers that qualify for this grant do not have to repay this payment nor do they have to pay interest on it. Stamp duty on the total house and land package purchase is also waived for first homebuyers. Source:

What is Keystart Finance and how does it work?

Keystart Home Loans offers a low deposit home loan option for first and subsequent homebuyers in Western Australia unable to meet the deposit requirements of mainstream lenders. Our in house team at Resolve Finance is considered a premium broker of Keystart Home Loans and has full access to their products with a 48 hour turnaround time for applications to be assessed (others may have to wait over 30 days).

Keystart Home Loans is only available for owner occupiers and is designed for homebuyers likely renting or trying to save a deposit. All you need to be eligible for a Keystart loan is a 2% deposit, of which 1% needs to be genuine savings (i.e. saved over a period of time).

Another great benefit is that they don’t require mortgage insurance, which can save you up to $15,000, and keeps your loan repayments down. And if you’re building, all you need to pay is $50 per week during the construction period; although we recommend you pay as much as you can afford to because the interest will capitalise each month. So it’s important to remember that just because you are skipping the interest payments at this time (through it being capitalised), you will still need to pay the interest later on. And because the interest gets added to your loan balance each month, your overall balance increases – so you could end up paying more as time goes on. That’s why it’s really important to talk to your Resolve Home Loan Specialist about this so you understand what is happening and can work out what’s best for you and your situation.

Keystart Home Loans also accept credit defaults in certain circumstances, so if you have a default on your credit file, you may still be able to get a loan from them.

Home loans are provided in the Perth metro area and in Country Western Australia, both of which you will have access to through Resolve Finance.

Keystart Home Loans has a number of eligibility criteria that you must meet in order to apply for a Keystart home loan such as your income bracket (which varies for singles, couples and families) and how many credit commitments you have. The purchase price of your home, or home and land package is also limited, so it’s a good idea to get some information from a specialist to see if you qualify for a Keystart loan.

For more information or to speak to a representative please phone 9202 2300 or email us at

Why should I choose Resolve Finance over other mortgage brokers?

You wouldn't just walk into one display home, so why just consider one bank! When you’re in the market for a home loan, it’s always a safe bet to get a second opinion to make sure it’s the right loan for you. It could mean the difference between affording that larger floor plan or home upgrades you really, really want. Giving you that piece of mind is where our in-house construction loan specialists Resolve Finance come in. Click here to read more

Why have I received a stage payment invoice before a key construction stage is completed on my home?

Celebration Homes’ stage payment invoices are created and issued every Wednesday and include all stage completions for that week (Monday to Friday inclusive).

Progress Payments are due 10 working days from the date the stage is reached as per your invoice or the date of the invoice, whichever is later. You are not required to authorise your payment prior to the stage completion date.


What is Pre-Construction?

This part of the building process involves all the tasks that need to happen to get a home prepared and ready for construction to begin on a lot of land. This includes everything from signing a Preliminary Works Contract, through to gaining the necessary developer and government approvals, drafting of plans, final costings, choosing your product and colour selections, Prestart and formal finance approvals.

When can I start choosing my colours and internal selections for my new home?

As soon as you have signed your Preliminary Works Contract (PWC) with your Building Consultant you can start choosing your colours and internal selections. Using your Product Selection Pack provided to you at the PWC stage you will be able to start pre-selecting the products and colours you would like to include in your new home. (If you do not have a Product Selection Pack please phone 9202 2300 so we can organise one for you.) We also encourage you to visit our in-house Selection Centre at our offices at 131 Hasler Road in Osborne Park so you can view all of your product and colour choices on display.

Our Selection Centre is open:

  • Monday – Thursday 8am – 5pm
  • Friday 8am – 4.30pm
  • Wednesday nights until 7.30pm

You can also visit any of our display homes for design and colour inspiration ideas. Click here to download a display home location flyer.

Can I nominate my own trade to do work on my home?

Celebration Homes only permits supply trades such as Bricklayers, Roof Carpenters, Tilers, Painters, Plasterers and Pavers to be nominated to perform works on your home. To ensure quality control of the overall finished product on your home we will request a full reference check of previous works prior to approval. It is essential this is advised upfront at the Preliminary Works Contract stage.

Celebration Homes does not permit any other works to be completed during construction in order for us to ensure we deliver your home within our construction timeframe of 24 weeks from slab down* as well as ensuring quality of works, insurance, warranty and repair work that may be associated with it.

Why is developer approval necessary?

New land estates are planned by developers in line with an overall vision that sets the design guidelines for things like appearance, colour and style of buildings. Most new homes built in new land estates must have their elevation colour and product selections approved by the relevant developer to ensure they support the overall estate vision.

This ensures that new homes complement the area's character and tone and form a distinctive and harmonious urban environment into the future.

What needs to happen before my home can commence construction?

To commence construction on your new Celebration home we will need to have completed the Pre-Construction process which involves all the tasks that need to be completed before your home can commence the construction stage onsite. 

You can view our Construction Timeline here. 

When do I sign my HIA Building Contract?

Your HIA Building Contract will be forwarded to you via mail along with a set of Preliminary Plans and Addenda for you to thoroughly read and review approximately 6 weeks after signing of your Preliminary Works Contract (PWC). You will bring these documents along to your Prestart meeting where your Construction Coordinator will provide a brief explanation of the Building Contract and then you will be required to sign and formalise.

Click here to read more about what happens at Prestart


Can I change my selections after my Prestart meeting?

In order for us to ensure timeframes and provide accuracy throughout the construction of your home, we do not allow any changes to be made following your Prestart meeting.

What is 3 Phase Power and why would my home require it?

3 Phase Power is a higher voltage connection to your home (approximately 400-415 Volts) This is required in homes where large electrical motors, heavy machinery, pools and a spa, would be used at the same time as one another. Single Phase power (which is already included in your home) is sufficient to run ducted air-conditioning and any small machinery in your home. If you are still unsure about whether you need 3 Phase Power, your Construction Coordinator will help you understand your power requirements in more depth at your Prestart meeting.

Who is my main point of contact after my Prestart meeting?

Your Construction Coordinator remains your primary point of contact from your Prestart meeting until you receive the keys to your new home. This allows us to ensure a streamlined channel of communication throughout the entire building process. During the construction phase there are however opportunities at your Lock Up and Pre-Handover meetings to meet your Site Manager at your home.

Can I supply and install my own products to my home?

To ensure that Celebration Homes can deliver a high standard of quality and build your home without impacting on construction timeframes, we do not allow clients to supply and install their own products into our homes during the construction stage. Of course, clients are welcome to install their own products after Key Handover to finish off their new home.

What is smart wiring?

As technology is ever increasing, the need for smart wiring becomes more apparent. Hardwired devices used at home are now decreasing. Network devices such as multiple PCs and laptops, network enabled gaming consoles and printers plus media streaming devices for PCs and laptops are on the dramatic increase.

To be able to use these network devices, your home must be fitted with high speed data network to integrate with high grade television cabling. Current phone cabling and wireless networks are not effective for the high speed applications now used in our homes. As the need for internet speed increases to keep up with the growing trends of technology, wireless networks are not efficient to handle the demand of multiple applications. Smart wiring can be reconfigured to suit your needs whenever you require and avoids the need for expensive rewiring.

To learn more about smart wiring, visit Intelligent Home.

When will I be called to book my Prestart meeting?

Once your Preliminary Drawings, HIA Building Contract and Preliminary Addenda have been created we will then contact you to arrange a time for your Prestart meeting – approximately 6 weeks after signing your PWC.

What happens if one of my selections from Prestart is discontinued?

From time to time our suppliers will discontinue products within their ranges with little notice. If this happens to one of your selections your Construction Coordinator will contact you to organise for a re-selection within our standard product range. New products will also be available to view in our selection room. A contract variation will be created for you to sign, and should your plans require amendments this will be actioned and new drawings will be provided for your own records.

What are the requirements for my home if it is financed through Keystart Home Loans?

If you are financing your home with Keystart Home Loans they will require you to include floor coverings and window treatments in your total home and land package price in your Building Contract. They also require that the contract value of your home and land, plus any variations made at Prestart, will not exceed the maximum total value of $480,000. All variations made at Prestart that are not included in your loan are required to be paid prior to your home going to site.

Can I set up gas and electricity accounts without titles on my land?

Unfortunately you will not be able to set up your gas or electricity accounts if you do not have titles issued on your lot of land.

This is a task we will require you to do once titles have been issues on your land so that these services can be connected to your lot for the construction phase. At this time when titles are issues your Construction Coordinator will notify you to remind you to set up these services. 

What is a Variation?

Any change made to your contract document after signing your PWC. These are written up on a variation order to be amended on your plans.

Now my selections are done, when will my slab go down?

The following items will need to have been received and finalised before we can progress your home into the construction phase:

  • HIA Building Contract signed and witnessed by Celebration Homes
  • Prestart meeting complete and documentation finalised
  • Unconditional Finance approval provided by client/broker or bank
  • Land settlement confirmation provided by settlement agent
  • Building Permit granted and received
  • Developer Approval (where necessary)
What is the National Broadband Network (NBN)?

The National Broadband Network is the new communications infrastructure being rolled out across Australia with the new fibre technology replacing the old copper wiring network. Your telephone and internet will run off this new connection providing a more reliable high-speed broadband connection as well as access to new entertainment and communication services that this technology will enable.

Intelligent Homes can cable your home to NBN specifications during construction so it will be compatible with the NBN if it is not already available in your area. It is important to remember that it is more difficult and costly to make your home NBN ready after construction has been completed. You will also not have access to the old communication networks for your telephone and internet connection. It is recommended that you visit Intelligent Homes prior to your Prestart meeting to discuss your requirements and their range of packages available to suit your needs. To find out more information about the NBN, please contact Intelligent Homes on 1300 652 633. Source:

What is my responsibility as the owner in regards to my final set of plans, Addenda and Prestart Variations issued after Prestart?

Upon issue of the final documentation listed above it is your responsibility to thoroughly read and review to ensure that all the detail is accurate and to your requirements specified at your Prestart meeting.

These documents will be used for the construction of your new home so it is crucial they are accurate to avoid any delays to your construction timeframe. Once your home has moved into the construction phase no further changes can be made to these documents.

How do I best prepare for my Prestart meeting?

Use this checklist to ensure you are properly prepared for your Prestart meeting:

  1. Review your Product Selection Pack - When you signed your Preliminary Works Contract with your Building Consultant you will have received a Product Selection Booklet that contains images and brochures of all the items you can select for your new home. If you did not receive one of the booklets please phone us on 9202 2300 and we will organise one for you.
  2. Visit our In-House Selection Room - Our Selection room is open 7.30am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday and late Wednesday evenings every fortnight until 7.30pm, please call us to find out our next Wednesday night opening time. It is essential that you have done your selections in order for your Prestart to take place.
  3. Consider your furniture layout & measure your appliances - Spend some time working out on your house plan how you will arrange your furniture in your new home as this can affect the positioning of power outlets. It’s also handy to measure the depth of your appliances like fridge and washing machine to ensure they work with your desired cabinetry.
  4. Complete your electrical plan - In your contract paperwork you will have received an electrical plan to mark up where you would like to position your lights and power points. Remember to complete step 3 (above) first to ensure you don’t place a power point under a bed!
  5. Create gas and electrical accounts for your new home - Prior to your Prestart you will need to set up new account numbers with Synergy and Alinta/Kleenheat Gas.These can be done both via phone or online on the Synergy and Kleenheat Gas company websites. Note: You will not be able to set up your electric and gas account numbers if you do not have titles for your block.
  6. Bring Finance and Settlement information - To finalise your building contract at your Prestart meeting you must bring along your final finance information (Broker or bank contact details) and your settlement agent details.
  7. Write your wish list - Create the list of changes you wish to make to the interior of your home (e.g double towel rails, additional doors). Consider if you would like to include floor tiling, internal wall painting window treatments, air conditioning etc.
What is a Prestart meeting?

Your Prestart meeting is an exciting part of the building journey when you will meet your Construction Coordinator at our Osborne Park offices to finalise the colours and products to be included in your new home.

At your Prestart meeting the following will take place:

  • Signing of contract documentation (Approx 40 mins) The first part of the meeting will involve signing your Building Contract including a preliminary set of plans. Important Note: Should you have any queries relating to this documentation prior to your Prestart meeting please contact your Building Consultant as any major variations you make will override the contract documents and can cause progress delays.
  • Explanation of Plans (Approx 90 mins) Your Construction Coordinator will discuss each page of your plans with you in detail and note any minor changes (e.g. single to double vanity) you wish to finalise. This is the time to ask any of those niggling questions you may have had.
  • Finalise product and colour selections (60 mins) This is the fun part where you finalise the product and colour selections for your new home – when you will start to visualise how your new home will look.


Why isn’t all my roof timber blue?

The blue timber seen in roof frames is treated pine required if you are building in a European House Borer (EHB) restrictive zone (RMZ).Not all homes require treated timber to your roof frame.

If you fall within an EHB zone then it is only the pine used for the majority of your roof frame that is required to be treated as this is a soft wood. The EHB cannot burrow through the hard wood Jarrah struts in your roof frame and as such they are not treated so as to not incur you extra costs.

Why does the brickwork look different inside my garage?

Face bricks are only made with one external face therefore inside the garage it is standard practice that the second face is visible. This ensures the more aesthetic face is seen on the exterior of your home.

When can I get the brick pavers details to seek a quote for paving of my crossover?

Your Site Manager can provide these details at your lockup meeting or shortly after your lock up meeting.

Why has my slab been poured but not my garage hardstand?

Your garage hardstand is not structural and therefore does not require the same engineering details and mesh that is installed when a slab is poured. The garage hardstand is always 100mm in thickness however a house slab ranges from 75mm – 100mm depending on what area the house is being constructed in and the soil condition. The engineer will conduct a Soil Classification Report to determine the thickness of the footings and the slab for all homes.

Garage hardstands are also required to be poured 1 brick course lower than your homes slab to minimise risk of flooding.

Can I get some work done to my home during construction?

Celebration Homes does not permit any other works to be completed during construction in order for us to ensure we deliver your home within our construction timeframe as well as ensuring quality of works, insurance, warranty and repair work that may be associated with it.

What is Practical Completion?

Practical Completion is when your home is ready for your New Home Presentation meeting with your Site Manager and is reached 10 working days prior to your Key Handover.

It is when construction works are completed. 

At what stages does my Celebration home get treated for termites?

Every Celebration home receives a three stage termite treatment at the following stages of construction:

  • Once earthworks and prelay is completed the entire sand pad is sprayed prior to slab being poured.
  • Second treatment is sprayed on the sand pad just prior to your garage hardstand being poured.
  • Last treatment is to the entire perimeter of the home prior to brick paving.

At Key Handover you will receive a Certificate / Warranty for all treatments carried out during construction.

Why are the bricks to my internal walls not completely filled? (also known as Perp Joints)

In line with manufacturer recommendations and our ABN Bricklaying specification (outlined below) Perp joints do not need to be mortar filled as long as they are 12mm or less in width. This will also assist the float plastering coat to better adhere to the wall as the gaps provide a ‘key joint’ effect for the plaster. If the gaps exceed 12mm then the bricklayer will fill them with mortar.

Why is there no one on site?

There will be periods during construction where there won’t always be trades present onsite. This does not affect your overall construction timeframe of 24 weeks* from slab down and could refer to such things product deliveries required for a new stage to begin, and weather conditions impacting timeframes or completion of works for the next process to commence (e.g. curing of plaster). It could also mean works on your home have been completed ahead of predicted timeframes and you home is waiting the next trade to attend at their scheduled date.

Why has my roof been installed but not the ridge capping?

If you have a tiled roof the ridge capping will be installed at a later date as this can’t be completed during wet weather. This won’t affect the next stage commencing and is weather proof to prevent any concerns for following trades (plastering). Please be aware that your roof cover progress claim will still be issued should the ridge capping not be completed as the stage has been reached and works have continued.

Why do we have a brick holding up steel beams inside our roof space?

“Structural Beams are often placed on a solid brick or structural grade timber offcut. The purpose of this ‘packer’ is to ensure that the Structural Beam does not interfere with the ceiling joints below.

The ‘packer’ must be a non-compressible material to allow the Structural Beam load to be transferred to the loadbearing wall below. In addition the Structural Beam is held in place by multiple lateral roof members (hangers) ensuring lateral movement is not possible.

I have noticed some cracks in my slab, is this something I need to be concerned about?

Cracking is something that does occur in ground slabs and is one of the characteristics of concrete as it shrinks. Concrete shrinks because of the loss of moisture due to evaporation and the hydration of cement as it cures. This reduction of volume causes tensile stresses within the slab, and these stresses are the primary reason why shrinkage cracks occur.

Reinforcement mesh is placed in our ground slabs in recognition of these characteristics to control cracks in both their width and their extent. If this shrinkage cracking occurs in your slab it is considered to be of aesthetic consequence and not of structural concern.

What is the definition of construction?

The action of building something, typically a large structure.
"there was a skyscraper under construction"

When can I install the fencing or landscaping package I received when I purchased my block of land?

A common building incentive that most land developers will provide to homebuyers when purchasing a block of land is fencing or landscaping packages. If you received either of these you will need to organise installation direct with your land developer to be installed after key handover to prevent any damage during the construction period.

What happens at my New Home Presentation?

Ten working days prior to your key handover your Site Manager will organise your New Home Presentation to showcase your nearly completed home. Your Site Manager will walk your around your home, room by room, and demonstrate how to use and care for all the appliances and products in your home and what to do in the event something fails or stops working. For example how to use the kitchen appliances, operate your hot water unit, taps and shower heads.

When can I get contractors into my home to measure for things like floor coverings or window treatments?

During construction we will allow external contractors to attend your home at the same time allocated for your Lock Up and New Home Presentation meetings with your Site Manager. Please ensure that your external suppliers arrive and complete their measurements within the timeframe allocated as Site Managers are limited to attending site’s on any other day to allow trades in as they are supervising a large area of client homes.

Can I hire a Building Inspector at my own cost?

Yes, Celebration Homes will allow for Clients to provide a building inspector on site at each stage agreed between Clients and Building Inspector at the cost to the Client. Building Inspectors will be required to work to Celebration Homes time frames when inspections occur, Clients must advise their Construction Co-ordinator and please be aware that all Building Inspectors must have a current white card.

What should I expect with an internal clean?

An internal clean, or builders clean, will mean all surfaces are wiped down and all mirrors/screens and windows are cleaned. (Note: If floor coverings and wall painting aren’t included in your builders contract, please be mindful that your concrete slab constantly produces dust as it is not sealed, therefore within 24 – 48 hours dust will be found again on surfaces)

What are these yellow and green stains on my bricks?

Vanadium stains are a thin film on the surface of light coloured bricks that weather away with time. They result from the vanadium salts naturally present in most clay materials used to produce light coloured bricks. They are left on the surface of bricks as excess water migrating through the brick during the bricklaying process dries out.

These stains are neither harmful, nor permanent and do not indicate a defect in the product. They are a thin film on the surface on the brick or paver and will fade with time or the removal can be quickened with chemical treatment.

What is a Lock Up meeting?

Your Lock Up meeting will be your first opportunity to meet with your Site Manager at your home and view some of the internal progress that has taken place since your home has been locked up and you have no longer had internal access. At this time you will view your chosen kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and tiles onsite.

It looks like there is a light switch/powerpoint (GPO) missing from a room?

Occasionally the plasterers will cover over some power points when completing the grey plaster float and white plaster set on your home. Earlier in construction the Site Managers have already completed an electrical check during tube out stage and therefore your light switch or power point will be there as per your electrical plan. The electricians will clear the plaster out of the wall box at electrical finals stage.

When do I meet my Site Manager?

From your Prestart meeting and throughout construction until your Key Handover your Construction Coordinator will be your primary point of contact.

During construction you will receive a phone call from your Site Manager once your slab is laid and you will have the opportunity to meet at your Lock Up and New Home Presentation. 

I can see chipped roof tiles on my house, will you replace before handover?

Your Site Manager will go through and complete maintenance work to your tiled roof prior to your pre-handover. Roof tiles are rectified at this later stage because tradespeople may still use the roof throughout construction which could cause more breakages.

Can I request changes to my home during construction?

Thorough client review and approval of your final plans, variations and addenda at the end of the Pre-Construction phase are essential to ensure your home is built to your specifications.

Once in construction Celebration Homes does not allow any further variations to your plans. Changes in construction prevent us from delivering on construction timeframes and can also cause incorrect items to be delivered and installed on site.


Can I get a key to my home before it is finished?

Unfortunately we will not release keys prior to completion of construction and receipt of your final payment on your new home.

To collect your keys at the end of the construction period your bank will require to have a valuation completed at the Practical Completion stage. These valuations are normally completed by a third party and the bank will require 10 full working days to process this final payment. Please ensure you authorise your final payment and send this along with a copy of your Certificate of Currency (building insurance) to your bank after your New Home Presentation to avoid any delays with your key handover.


When can I install my own soakwells (where applicable)?

Clients can only install their own soakwells after key handover. This is due to the fact that this would be classed as an owner supplied item, so if the soakwell was damaged during the build this wouldn’t be covered by Celebration Homes building insurance. In addition, the insurance would not cover the safety of the contractors on site as this is classed a high risk trade.

Service and Maintenance

How do I clean my Caesarstone® benchtop?

Caesarstone® requires very little maintenance to keep the surface looking like new. For everyday, routine cleaning of Caesarstone® we recommend wiping the surface with warm soapy water (a mild detergent) and a damp cloth or alternatively use our Caesarstone® Spray Cleaner or Everyday Wipes. To avoid dulling the surface's shine, make sure to use a non-abrasive cleaner such as Caesarstone® branded cream cleanser available to from their online store or for further detailed information on cleaning please refer to the Caesarstone® Care & Maintenance Guidelines


How do I connect my TV, phone and internet connected to my new home?

You will need to liaise with the Service Provider that is available locally to you. The best way to find your Service Provider is to check with your Land Developer. You will need to engage your Service Provider and have them attend your property to complete the connection to your new home.

Please be aware that Celebration Homes are responsible for the provisions in your home only and are unable to complete the connection.

Please also check if you are in an area that requires an antenna. You will need to engage a licenced Electrician to install an antenna if required.

How do the warranties work in my home?

Please refer Home Care and Service Guide for a list of the warranty periods for each item in your home.

Please be aware that Celebration Homes offers a twelve month service warranty for certain items. (These are listed in the Home Care and Service Guide.)

Celebration Homes also offers a 25 year structural guarantee. This guarantee covers any issues relating to concrete foundations, structural brickwork and roof frame.

Celebration Homes 25 year structural guarantee is transferable to a new owner if the home is sold within 10 years of the key handover. In this instance, the guarantee period will reduce from 25 years to 10 years from the date of completion of construction. 

What is the structural warranty on my home?

Celebration Homes offer, with every home we build, the protection and security of a 25 year Structural Guarantee.

We’ll rectify, at no cost to you, the structural Failure of any concreate foundations, structural brickwork or structural timbers. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by storm, fire, flood, acts of terrorism or abuse. Regular home owner maintenance will prevent problems arising as a result of neglect, as these are also not covered by our guarantee.

The 25 year Structural Guarantee is not transferable. Once transferred to a new owner the home shall have a 10 year structural guarantee which commences from completion of construction.

How can I best care for my home?

Celebration Homes have put together some helpful home care tips to help you keep your home looking as beautiful as it did the day you moved in. These can be found in your Home Care and Service Guide and you can also read them in the Building News section of the website.

It is important to regularly inspect your home and complete home maintenance. Like anything, your home needs love and care! Please also ensure you report any relevant information to Celebration Homes.

Why is my smoke alarm beeping?

It is important to note that the Department of Fire and Emergency Services recommends changing your batteries once a year to a high quality, long–life battery.

If your smoke alarm is beeping, the battery may need to be rotated or changed.

For further information about smoke alarm maintenance and safety, please head to the DFES page

What do I do if I notice cracking in my plaster?

If under six months since completion, please document on your 12 month service form for inspection/ rectification.

If past six months, please take photos of the cracks and forward to for further feedback

(If required Celebration Homes can complete an inspection to provide further feedback)

Who is my point of contact after Key Handover?

Celebration Homes’ Service Department is now your primary point of contact once you have picked up your keys.  If you have a question relating to the completion of your home, please don’t hesitate to contact our team anytime:

Monday to Friday, 7.30am – 4.30pm. Phone 9202 2300 or email

What are these yellow and green stains on my bricks?

Vanadium stains (as shown below) are a thin film on the surface of light coloured bricks that weather away with time. They result from the vanadium salts naturally present in most clay materials used to produce light coloured bricks. They are left on the surface of bricks as excess water migrating through the brick during the bricklaying process dries out.

These stains are neither harmful, nor permanent and do not indicate a defect in the product. They are a thin film on the surface on the brick or paver and will fade with time or the removal can be quickened with chemical treatment.

There is a gap between my slab and brickwork, is this ok?

This is normal, the gap is there as the brick wall in question is single leaf brickwork. This is typically located between the garage and entry. The accepted tolerance for this is 20mm.

How do I troubleshoot electrical problems?

For all lights, please make sure the globes have been changed. Also, if applicable, check batteries have been changed.

In an emergency situation please contact Celebration Homes directly on 9230 3000.

How do I maintain my shower so that it doesn't cause issues in the future?
  • Regularly inspect the silicon and grout and if you notice any signs of wear, minor maintenance may be required to ensure your shower does not develop a leak.
  • Avoid the use of abrasive or harsh cleaning products and stiff brushes
  • Keep wet areas well ventilated to avoid mould and mildew forming due to excessive moisture
  • Clean silicon joints regularly to avoid deterioration
How do I contact the Service Department?

You can contact our Service Department Monday to Friday, 7.30am – 4.30pm on 9202 2300 or you can email

What is cornice cracking and why does it happen?

Cornice cracking is cracks to the angled plaster board that seals the gap between your roof and walls and is a natural part of the settling in period and ongoing home owner maintenance of your Celebration Home.

It is caused by things like fluctuation in temperature in Summer in Winter when the products in your home expand and contract with the hot and cold weather. Celebration Homes will repair any cornice cracking in your new home within twelve months of Key Handover as part of your twelve month service commitment, please ensure you mark their exact location on your twelve month service form.

Beyond the twelve month service period regular home owner maintenance of cornice cracking is required to ensure your home continues to maintain its fresh appearance. Celebration Homes recommends using a good quality polyfiller (we use Selley 3 in 1) to repair cracking and then sand to a smooth finish and repaint as required.

How do I maintain my timber or laminate flooring?

Trevors Carpets have provided a list of tips to ensure you can preserve your flooring many years. You can find it here in our Handy Home Tips.

How do I troubleshoot hot water system issues?

Firstly, check the pilot light is still on and if it is not, follow the instructions on the hot water unit to re-engage the pilot light.

If the issue still continues once you have checked the pilot light is on, please contact Celebration Homes directly for further advice on 9202 2300. Alternatively, you can call Rheem on 13 10 31.

Who do I contact for warranty work on my appliances?
  • Westinghouse - You will need to contact Electrolux directly on 13 13 49 and they will require the Key Hand Over Date and product information such as the Serial Number which is found on the appliance.
  • Rheem products - Please contact 13 10 31. They will require the Key Hand Over Date and product information such as the Serial Number which is found on the appliance. 
  • For all other items please refer to the Home Care and Service Guide.
Can my Caesarstone® benchtop withstand heat?

Caesarstone® is heat resistant and is not affected by temperatures lower than 100°C (212°F). However, like all stone material, Caesarstone® can be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes. Therefore, we always recommend that hot pots and pans never be placed directly on the surface but onto a heat trivet or wooden chopping board especially when using cooking units such as electric frying pans, crock pots, or roaster ovens.

What is the process for our 12 Months Service Form?

All new homes have a settling-in period where external factors (like fluctuations in temperature) may cause changes with elements in your home. Don’t worry – this is quite normal! To assist in attending to these items, Celebration Homes provides a complimentary twelve-month service period after key handover.

In the back of your Home Care and Service Guide we have provided you with a twelve Month Service Form to list any issues you may experience during your settling-in period. Please remember to complete this form and send it back to us within twelve months of your key handover.

The following items are just some of the things we cover as part of this service commitment to you:

Workmanship and Materials
Celebration Homes is committed to the highest quality of workmanship. You can be assured that we will address any workmanship issues in your home, in line with regulatory standards.

Doors and Windows
Doors and windows can take some time to settle. If required, we will help you ease and adjust doors, window sashes and catches to ensure they are operating smoothly.

Cornice Cracking
During your settling in period, minor cracking between cornices and walls may occur. If you experience cornice cracking, please ensure you mark their exact location on your Twelve Month Service form.

Celebration Homes’ post construction service and warranty program is very comprehensive; however some items unrelated to the building process are outside the scope of our twelve-month service period. These issues relate to general care and maintenance that will ensure your home maintains its fresh new appearance well into the future. You can find a list and explanations of these items in your Home Care and Service Guide.