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Internal Workings
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Roof Cover

Construction: Step 3 - Roof Cover

Now that the walls are up, the next team to arrive onsite are the roof carpenters, it’s their job to put a roof over your new home. Your Site Manager will have organised delivery of roof timbers and the roof carpenters will cut and fit together the roof joists to create the roof frame. Once that’s done, the roof plumber will install the gutters and downpipes. This is also when Intelligent Homes will attend the site to prepare the connection for the National Broadband Network and Smart Wiring if you have chosen these options.

Roof plumbers or roof tilers will then install Colorbond or tiled roofs respectively. If the weather’s not too good, the ridge capping on a tiled roof may not be completed straight away - this won’t affect the quality or progress of your home. From there, chasers will cut and chase bricks for the installation of electrical wiring. Then plumbers and electricians will come to fit piping and wiring to the walls. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the bricks to my internal walls not completely filled? (also known as Perp Joints)

In line with manufacturer recommendations and our ABN Bricklaying specification (outlined below) Perp joints do not need to be mortar filled as long as they are 12mm or less in width. This will also assist the float plastering coat to better adhere to the wall as the gaps provide a ‘key joint’ effect for the plaster. If the gaps exceed 12mm then the bricklayer will fill them with mortar.

Why do we have a brick holding up steel beams inside our roof space?

“Structural Beams are often placed on a solid brick or structural grade timber offcut. The purpose of this ‘packer’ is to ensure that the Structural Beam does not interfere with the ceiling joints below.

The ‘packer’ must be a non-compressible material to allow the Structural Beam load to be transferred to the loadbearing wall below. In addition the Structural Beam is held in place by multiple lateral roof members (hangers) ensuring lateral movement is not possible.

I can see chipped roof tiles on my house, will you replace before handover?

Your Site Manager will go through and complete maintenance work to your tiled roof prior to your pre-handover. Roof tiles are rectified at this later stage because tradespeople may still use the roof throughout construction which could cause more breakages.