Step 7
Key Handover
Step 6
New Home Presentation

Construction: Step 6 - New Home Presentation

New Home Presentation means you’re not quite there yet but you’re really, really close. Ten working days prior to your scheduled key handover, Site Managers will organise a New Home Presentation with you to showcase your nearly completed new home. The Site Manager will walk you around your home, room by room, and demonstrate how to use, maintain and care for appliances and products—for example, how to use the kitchen appliances, hot water unit, taps, shower heads, etc. The Site Manager will also explain what you can do in the event that something stops working or is found to be damaged.

Celebration Homes are built to a high standard with high quality fittings and fixtures. And when you really love your home, it’s not difficult to keep it looking great. So with a little bit of care and maintenance, you can keep your new home looking great well into the future. Your Site Manager can offer tips from shower cleaning best practices (so you don’t compromise the quality of grout and silicone); right through to simple advice on how you can keep your walls looking fresh. Good homeowner maintenance will help keep your dream home, your dream home.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I install my own soakwells (where applicable)?

Clients can only install their own soakwells after key handover. This is due to the fact that this would be classed as an owner supplied item, so if the soakwell was damaged during the build this wouldn’t be covered by Celebration Homes building insurance. In addition, the insurance would not cover the safety of the contractors on site as this is classed a high risk trade.

What is Practical Completion?

Practical Completion is when your home is ready for your New Home Presentation meeting with your Site Manager and is reached 10 working days prior to your Key Handover.

It is when construction works are completed.