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New Home Presentation
Step 5
Lock Up

Construction: Step 5 - Lock Up

Here’s where it starts to get really exciting. This is pretty close to what your Celebration home will look like. Most of the work is done; the walls, roof, plumbing, wiring and the windows are in location. Once you’ve got some entry doors (to actually lock), you have reached the lock up stage.

Now we’re ready to add some finishing touches.

Tilers apply a waterproofing membrane to the showers; build shower hobs, baths, vanity basins and laundry hobs.

Next ‘The Maker’ cabinetmakers install all your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. These have been custom built off site in your chosen ‘Prestart’ colour combinations. During this time carpenters install the shelving in your pantry, linen cupboard and walk-in robes, while plumbers install baths, toilets and vanity basins.

Lock Up
Once those tasks are nearly complete, the Site Manager will contact you to organise your Lock up meeting. This is the first opportunity you will have to meet your Site Manager and gives you a chance to view some of the progress that has happened since the doors were installed and locked. A real highlight of this meeting is seeing your new kitchen and bathrooms starting to come to life with all your chosen finishes.

Next, all the ceramic wall and floor tiles are installed to wet areas including bathroom, ensuite and laundry. Things move pretty quickly from here with painters finishing off ceilings, doors and doorframes, along with the external render if required. The electrical wiring and plumbing completion follow.

Garage hardstand is laid and external paving (driveway and paths) is laid. The garage door and fly-screens are installed, termite treatment is sprayed around your home and the site is given a final clean as well as the inside of your house. Finally, floor coverings are installed if applicable.

It’s a pretty busy time of the build as our teams prepare your house for final hand-over.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get the brick pavers details to seek a quote for paving of my crossover?

Your Site Manager can provide these details at your lockup meeting or shortly after your lock up meeting.

Can I get a key to my home before it is finished?

Unfortunately we will not release keys prior to completion of construction and receipt of your final payment on your new home.

To collect your keys at the end of the construction period your bank will require to have a valuation completed at the Practical Completion stage. These valuations are normally completed by a third party and the bank will require 10 full working days to process this final payment. Please ensure you authorise your final payment and send this along with a copy of your Certificate of Currency (building insurance) to your bank after your New Home Presentation to avoid any delays with your key handover.


What is a Lock Up meeting?

Your Lock Up meeting will be your first opportunity to meet with your Site Manager at your home and view some of the internal progress that has taken place since your home has been locked up and you have no longer had internal access. At this time you will view your chosen kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and tiles onsite.