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Key Handover


This is it. Celebration time! This is when we hand you the keys to your new home.

Judging from the photos we get over at, you won’t be able to wipe the smile from your face. Sure, grab a mattress and sleeping bag and have your first ‘sleep over’, before 'officially' moving in - it’s your very own home and now’s the time to enjoy it.

Those weeks and months of careful planning have paid off, so soak up that new home feeling - you’ve earned it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect with an internal clean?

An internal clean, or builders clean, will mean all surfaces are wiped down and all mirrors/screens and windows are cleaned. (Note: If floor coverings and wall painting aren’t included in your builders contract, please be mindful that your concrete slab constantly produces dust as it is not sealed, therefore within 24 – 48 hours dust will be found again on surfaces)

When can I install the fencing or landscaping package I received when I purchased my block of land?

A common building incentive that most land developers will provide to homebuyers when purchasing a block of land is fencing or landscaping packages. If you received either of these you will need to organise installation direct with your land developer to be installed after key handover to prevent any damage during the construction period.

At what stages does my Celebration home get treated for termites?

Every Celebration home receives a three stage termite treatment at the following stages of construction:

  • Once earthworks and prelay is completed the entire sand pad is sprayed prior to slab being poured.
  • Second treatment is sprayed on the sand pad just prior to your garage hardstand being poured.
  • Last treatment is to the entire perimeter of the home prior to brick paving.

At Key Handover you will receive a Certificate / Warranty for all treatments carried out during construction.