Step 5
Lock Up
Step 4
Internal Workings

Construction: Step 4 - Internal Workings

Now that the external structure is completed, we can focus on the inside. Plasterers and renderers get to work on your internal walls. First they apply an internal float (that’s the grey render) to create a flat surface over the brick face. Once this has cured, a white plaster set is applied so that your walls are smooth, even and moisture resistant.

In winter months, the curing time for the application of these layers may take longer. This is due to the specific moisture levels required for each layer to set.

Once your walls are set, the ceiling fixers come to the site to install the ceilings and cornices. And after that, the team from Jason Windows will complete ‘Glazing Lock Up’, which is when the windows and sliding doors will be installed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request changes to my home during construction?

Thorough client review and approval of your final plans, variations and addenda at the end of the Pre-Construction phase are essential to ensure your home is built to your specifications.

Once in construction Celebration Homes does not allow any further variations to your plans. Changes in construction prevent us from delivering on construction timeframes and can also cause incorrect items to be delivered and installed on site.


Can I get some work done to my home during construction?

Celebration Homes does not permit any other works to be completed during construction in order for us to ensure we deliver your home within our construction timeframe as well as ensuring quality of works, insurance, warranty and repair work that may be associated with it.

It looks like there is a light switch/powerpoint (GPO) missing from a room?

Occasionally the plasterers will cover over some power points when completing the grey plaster float and white plaster set on your home. Earlier in construction the Site Managers have already completed an electrical check during tube out stage and therefore your light switch or power point will be there as per your electrical plan. The electricians will clear the plaster out of the wall box at electrical finals stage.