Proudly Part of the ABN Group

Our Group Strength

ABN Group has built homes for more than 40 years under the leadership of managing director and owner Dale Alcock and today we’re still true to our philosophy of building every home as if it were our own.

We’ve delivered the dream of homeownership to more than 70,000 home owners across Western Australia and Victoria. Every single home is personally backed by Dale, which is why our customers are in safe hands and are confident to build with us.

Dale remains hands-on at the helm of daily operations and will always challenge what it means to build the best quality homes.

ABN Group collectively employs more than 1,400 people; engages more than 3,000 independent construction contractors; and trains more apprentices than any other builder in Australia.

Through the Alcock Family Foundation, we’ve donated $8.5 million to worthy causes that we feel will make the biggest impact in the community. And we’ve also given a similar sum in-kind through our people who are active through employee volunteering projects.

Although a lot has changed since 1978 when we laid the first brick, our love for building; commitment to quality; leading through excellence; sense of fun; and desire to give back has remained the same.

We believe these qualities have driven the ABN Group to become the most successful and loved in Australian residential building.

Visit the ABN Group website to find out more about who we are and what we do.

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