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The old is new again! Follow our tips to make sure your home is retro-cool!

Retro theming encompasses several decades of styles and usually has a fun, lively feel, with bright colours and wild patterns.  Look back to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s for inspiration and you'll immediately get a sense of where your decor needs to go to truly capture the key principle of retro style.

Retro furniture has an abstract feel to it, so genuine and original furniture pieces are a great place to start. Think wide and elongated couches, Mitt chairs and puzzle-piece ottomans to add a modern twist to your living room, while shiney chrome barstools with bright red seats are a great way to draw attention to a breakfast bar.

Incorporating the use of Retro fabrics into the living space also make great statement pieces. Keep in mind that less is more and use only small amounts. Try revamping an old piece of furniture with a change of fabric or add a few modern throw cushions.

The use of strong bold blocks of colour can also be introduced to liven up dull areas around the home. Colours commonly associated with the Retro theme are avocado green, mustard yellow and a combination of black, white and red. In addition purple and hot pink both compliment this colour swatch nicely. Wallpaper also comes under the retro theme and it a great way to add colour to a room, check out stores such as wall candy for inspiration.

To wrap things up Retro style decorating is about combining a variety of shapes, textures and colors to create a look that's as unique as the era that influenced it. Get rid of any inhibitions about mixing colors and shapes and let your creative juices flow, there are endless fun and crazy things you can do with this great style.