It’s the little things when you’re building that make a house more liveable. We've got tips, guides, and how-tos on home designs, land and finance, decorating, landscaping, moving in and maintaining your beautiful new home.

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year - a time for family, love and sharing.

It's long been tradition to decorate your home in a festive style during the holiday season so we've put together a list of decor ideas to give you a little bit more inspiration :)

How many of us have a spare room in our house? I'm guessing a lot of you answered "yes!" ! Whether the kids have grown up and left home or you just built a home with a bit of extra space, a lot of us have that spare room in our house that quite frankly doesn't do much - is it a bedroom?

When I was a kid growing up 20something years ago, it was unusual if you didn't have a big backyard. My neighbouring friends and I all grew up on the true blue aussie 1/4 acre block and would spend hours running around outside.

So, you've built your dream home and are getting ready to move-in. You've picked out new furniture and thought roughly about where your existing pieces will go, but have you thought about the most practical way to arrange your living room?

As time goes on and your taste changes, it can be tempting to look at updating big ticket items (like your kitchen and bathrooms) around your home to freshen up its look. 

It's no secret that we live in one of the best climates in the world. During the balmy warm summer months, many of us use our Alfresco area as much as our family living spaces.

One of the most exciting parts of moving into your new home is the interior decoration process!

Celebration Homes Interior Designer, Noelle O'Riordan, shares the styling story behind our display home, The Pacino and the industrial styling of this home.

So you’re building a new home and you will be starting with a blank canvas! What colours should you choose? Which materials? How will you style your brand new master suite?

Have you visited our Display Homes and loved some of the pieces of furniture or decorative touches? Well, you'll love our style boards. 

Our style boards show you where you can pick up some of the most coveted items in our display homes.