It’s the little things when you’re building that make a house more liveable. We've got tips, guides, and how-tos on home designs, land and finance, decorating, landscaping, moving in and maintaining your beautiful new home.

We are already well into Spring, with the official start of Summer in less than a month, so now is the time to make your home "Summer Proof"!

Check out some of our handy tips below.


You love your pets, you want them inside, but you can’t stand all the cleaning, the paw prints and the odours?

We all want to reduce our impact on the environment and we all want to save money on growing energy bills. Read on for our top tips for saving energy and money in the home.

Looking after the Trevors Carpets timber and laminate flooring in your home. 

Your floor will provide years of enjoyment and enhancement to your home but as with all flooring products some simple maintenance and care should be taken to preserve its beauty over time.

When the temperature starts to drop, it is time to start thinking about how you will prepare your home to withstand the winter weather. Read on to find out some handy tips on what you can do to make your home ‘Winter Proof’!

The surface of polytec’s bench tops & laminate is made from a stain-resistant melamine based resin.

Caesarstone® requires very little maintenance to keep the surface looking like new.

Here are some helpful home care tips to help you keep your home looking as beautiful as it did the day you moved in.