An Alcock Family Company

Our Group Strength
The Alcock Family of Companies have built West Australian homes for 30+ years under the leadership of our managing director and owner Dale Alcock.  Dale remains hands-on at the helm of daily operations and will always challenge what it means to build the best places to live, work and grow. Over the last 30+ years we’ve built more than 65,000 homes across Western Australia and Victoria and have financed more than 27,000. We employ more than 1400 people, engage more than 3000 independent construction contractors, and train more apprentices than any other builder in Australia.
A lot has changed since 1987 when we laid the first brick, but our love for building, our relentless commitment to quality our uncompromising commitment to leading through excellence, our sense of fun and our desire to give back to the community have remained the same. We believe it is these qualities that have driven the Alcock Family of Companies to become the leader in the Australian residential building market.
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For more information about Dale Alcock or the Alcock Family of Companies, please visit ABN Group
Building Communities: The Alcock Family Foundantion 
ABN understands its role in society and its responsibility to give back to the community. The main focus of The Alcock Family Foundation will be to assist in areas such as medical research, community assistance, relief work and most importantly - supporting environmental outcomes. With over $7 million committed to local and Australia-wide charities since inception, The Alcock Family Foundation has made a substantial difference to the lives affected by these worthy causes.
For more information visit the The Alcock Family Foundation