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So, you've built your dream home and are getting ready to move-in. You've picked out new furniture and thought roughly about where your existing pieces will go, but have you thought about the most practical way to arrange your living room? Living rooms are arguably the most used spaces in the home and need a good layout - furniture spacing and placement is the key to comfort and function.

Keep these tips in mind: 

Keep the entry clear
Make sure you have a lot of clearance when you first walk into a room. The last thing you want is to walk into the back of the couch, or have to squeeze past an oversized piece of occasional furntiure. This will make the room more welcoming too.

Heard about the 3 foot rule?
You should have about 3 feet (just under 1 metre) of walking space around your living area - this is generally a good rule to follow to ensure you don't know into furniture or have to squeeze past walls! Any type of furniture with doors or drawers will also need 3 feet of space to open properly. 

Let your furniture float
Sometimes we think the best thing to do is to push all our furniture up against the walls to maximise space - but this will make your space less inviting. Pull your lounge suite (and other seating) out at least 30cm from the wall. It will make your space seem more cosy and inviting, instead of creating a bunch of strange dead space in the middle! 

Rugs are great, but..
If you want a rug in your living space, make sure all legs of your furniture are either completely on or completely off it. Also, try not to position the edges/corner in make walkways as they can be a tripping hazard!