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How many of us have a spare room in our house? I'm guessing a lot of you answered "yes!" ! Whether the kids have grown up and left home or you just built a home with a bit of extra space, a lot of us have that spare room in our house that quite frankly doesn't do much - is it a bedroom? is it a study? is it a junk room? Is it all 3?! Whatever it is, is it what you want it to be? We've compiled some suggestions below for potential other uses for your spare space. 

1. Reading Room/Library

Are you an avid reader? Do you long for a quiet, tranquil space where you can sit in a comfy armchair and let the hours fly by whilst you get wrapped up in your favourite new book? Why not turn that spare room into a Reading Room/Library. Arrange your books in a way that make them easy for you to find and use warm lighting that is practical enough for use whether you're reading day or night. 

2. Art Studio 

An art studio doesn't need to be relegated to the cold garage or an outdoor shed - your spare room is a perfect place for this! Use neutral paint and include easy to clean floorcoverings in-case of spillages. Take down any heavy window treatments and replace them with someone that will let natural light flood in - after all, you want it to be an inspiring, welcoming place. 

3. Kids Play Room

I don't have children myself (only a furry four legged one) so the idea that kids will keep all their toys in one room is probably a bit of wishful thinking but that doesn't mean you can't make great use of your spare room as a kids play room. Put shelves and cupboards in the room to ensure there is maximum storage to hide away some of the toys!

4. Teenagers Retreat/TV room

We've all been teenagers so understand that whole "I'm an adult" mentality even though they are still young! What do they often crave? Their own space! Throw a comfy couch in your spare room and that old TV and it gives them a place to watch all the TV shows that you can't stand watching! It also gives them a place to hang out when they have friends over without their "embarrassing parents" intruding! 

There are many other uses for that spare room, including a music room, gaming area, the ultimate walk-in wardrobe for those serious fashionistas etc but we will leave that up to you - maybe this article will get your head thinking about just how great that potentially wasted room could be!